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Our next game club meeting will be on Thursday, March 17 from 5p.m. – 7p.m. in BA B026

Our next game club meeting will be on Thursday, March 17 from 5p.m. – 7p.m. in BA B026. Same time and room as last week’s meeting. This week we’ll be talking about the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and how they assign ratings to games.

Also, the utGDDC will be showing off the awesome game submissions from this year’s GMD at the CSSU Game Night this Friday. We are very proud to be doing this, and we can use help with getting computers for the event and setting up. Send Frankie, the utGDDC president, an email at to get more information about how you can help with the public showing of this year’s GMD games at CSSU Game Night.

As always, we hope to see you at our meeting on Thursday, and especially hope to see you at the CSSU Game Night on Friday. Happy gaming, everyone.

IGDA’s GDC Round-Up on Monday, March 14 starting at 7:30p.m. at Metro Hall, Room 308

With GDC 2011 wrapping up last week, the Toronto chapter of the IGDA will be presenting GDC Round-Up with special guest speakers who attended this year’s conference in San Francisco and who will share their GDC 2011 experiences.

This event will begin at 7:30p.m. on Monday, March 14 at Metro Hall, which is located at 55 John Street, in room 308. Guest speakers for this event will include: Patrick Redding, Ubisoft Toronto; Jim McGinley, Big Pants Entertainment; Mark Rabo and Jamie Woo, Gamercamp; and Billy Matjiunis, GDC ’11 Scholarship Winner.

So, if you want to get all the inside details of what happened at this year’s GDC, then this is the event for you. It’s not mandatory, but will be appreciated if you can send an email to to RSVP ahead of time for this event.

After GDC Round-up the IGDA will have their usual social at the Elephant and Castle at 212 King St. West.

Our next game club meeting will be on Thursday, March 10 from 5p.m. – 7p.m. in BA B026

Hi everyone,

Our next game club meeting will be on Thursday, March 10 from 5p.m. – 7p.m. in BA B026. Same time, slightly different room (just one room down from last week’s meeting place).

This week we will be playing through parts of a videogame (you’ll have to show up to find out which one) and discussing aspects of the game that were good and aspects that seemed to have been neglected by the developers.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Great Canadian Appathon (GCA) if you’re interested in participating in this event. The GCA is a chance for post-secondary students all across Canada to create a Windows Phone 7 game over the course of 48 hours and compete to win a number of prizes (over $45 000 in prizes to be won). It’s FREE to sign up for the GCA, and you can participate as part of a team up to 4 people. Remember that if you, or someone you know, has ever made games or programmed using Silverlight, XNA, or the .NET compact framework, then you may already have the knowledge necessary make a Windows Phone 7 app. Although, once you sign up for the GCA, you’ll also have access to their development tutorials, so you can brush up on any coding skills that you require. The GCA starts on Friday, March 10 at 5p.m. so check it out now at:

Lastly, our GMD judging will be taking place within the next week or two. So, if anyone has any possible prizes that they wish to donate for this year’s GMD (such as a videogame that you’ve already played through and would like to give to someone else) then please email Shane at

That is all. Hope to see you at our meeting this week.

The Great Canadian Appathon – sign up by 12 noon on Friday, March 4 for a chance to win an Xbox Kinnect!

The first ever Great Canadian Appathon (GCA), presented by the National Post and XMG Studio, is an event where college and university students create a mobile game for Windows Phone 7 and compete to win one of several cash prizes, including a $25,000 grand prize, a $10,000 second prize, and ten $1,000 cash prizes.

If you’ve NEVER made a Windows Phone 7 game before, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that you may already know how. Developers for Windows Phone 7 can use Silverlight, XNA Framework, and .NET compact framework to create their apps. So, if you’ve ever created a game using any of these technologies, then you’ve essentially made a Windows Phone 7 app. See for an example of how to write a simple “Hello World” app for Windows Phone 7.

The GCA takes place over the weekend of March 11, so you still have time to brush up on your coding and game development skills. Also, it is completely FREE to register! So, considering the fact that there’s a boatload of prizes to be won, it should be perfectly clear that this is THE game-making competition to enter.

Additionally, if you sign up for the GCA before 12 noon on Friday, March 4, you will be entered in a draw to win an Xbox Kinnect. Making games with the chance to win amazing prizes makes this event something to certainly check out. Go to the GCA’s website at to get more information about this great event.

Our next game club meeting will be on Thursday, March 3, 2010 from 5p.m. – 7p.m. in BA B025 with a special talk by Prof. Danny Heap.‏

Hey everyone,
Our next game club meeting will be on Thursday, March 3, 2010 from 5p.m. – 7p.m. in BA B025, same time and room as last week. For this week’s meeting we will have a special guest speaker, Prof. Danny Heap from U of T’s Department of Computer Science, who will come in and talk to us about copyright.

Among teaching other CS courses, Danny Heap also teaches CSC 300, Computers and Society, and if you’ve every had a class with him, you’ll know that he is a very entertaining speaker with lots of interesting insights about computers and the world that we live in.

Copyright has always been a challenging issue when it comes to selling video games, and DRM (Digital Rights Management) is one of the most controversial methods of copyright protection to date. Prof. Heap will be discussing issues such as these in what should prove to be a very interesting and useful talk. This will be a special, informative meeting to come out to, so we hope to see you all there.

Hand Eye Society Social on Thursday, February 17 starting at 7p.m.

The Hand Eye Society will be having another one of their social events on Thursday, February 17 starting at 7p.m., which will take place immediately after our own utGDDC meeting. Once again, the Hand Eye Society Social will be held at the inconspicuous Unit Bar, located at 1198 Queen St W. (click here for a map).

This is a FREE event that is open to the public, so bring some friends, come down, and have some fun because in addition to a get-together of Toronto’s video game developers and a freeplay of The Night Balloonists, there will also be 2 special talks for the evening:

“Pancakes vs. Prototypes” – Jason Kaplan (Game Prototype Challenge) and Damian Sommer (Griddle Jam) – this talk will discuss and explore the benefits of rapid prototype in game development.

“Making A One Button, Skill Based Party Game That Doesn’t Suck”
– Miguel Sternberg and Andrew Pilkiw (Spooky Squid Games) – Miguel and Andrew will discuss what makes a great skill based party game and the creative design of their game, The Night Balloonists.

Check out the Hand Eye Society’s website for more details about this event.

Weekly video game freeware

Back in the beginning of September 2010, fellow utGDDC member, Sean, started regularly posting Weekly Freeware threads in the Off-topic forum. Now, with over 10 different freeware video games introduced so far, these forum postings have developed into a small collection of the best free games to download online. This post features all of the games that have been discussed so far, and it will grow as Sean (and others) post freeware that they feel you should see for the week. Enjoy.

List of Weekly Video Game Freeware


– posted Feb 5, 2011 (New)

Desktop Dungeons

– posted Jan 4, 2011


– posted Nov 15, 2010

I Wanna Be the Guy

-posted Nov 12, 2010
I Wanna Be the Guy

Tower of Heaven

– posted Nov 5, 2010
Tower of Heaven

The Mirror Lied

– posted Oct 31, 2010
The Mirror Lied


– posted Oct 22, 2010

Chzo Mythos

– posted Oct 14, 2010
Chzo Mythos

Wilfred the Hero

– posted Oct 10, 2010
Wilfred the Hero

Cortex Command

– posted Oct 1, 2010
Cortex Command


– posted Sept 24, 2010

:the game

– posted Sept 21, 2010


– posted Sept 17, 2010


– posted Sept 10, 2010
Shut Up and Jam

Cave Story

– posted Sept 3, 2010
Cave Story

Belated congratulations to utGDDC alumni Mark and Ante for the release of “Dex Hamilton’s Bug Quest”

This is a post that should have been put up a long time ago, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened until now.

A BIG, belated congratulations goes out to Mark, former utGDDC president from several years ago, and Ante, utGDDC alumni, who helped release the Flash game, Dex Hamilton’s Bug Quest, with the company that developed this game, March Entertainment. Dex Hamilton’s Bug Quest was released in November 2010, and Mark and Ante were responsible for the bulk of the video game’s programming. It’s a really neat Flash game with high production values that you should check out. You can see the utGDDC forum posting about this game at