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Next Meeting – March 19

Next week, we’ll be having our meeting in BA2195 on Thursday, March 19 between 5-7 PM.

Next week will be the presentation of awards for games submitted during the Game Making Deathmatch 2009! Come by and take a look at what was submitted and you’ll get a chance to play them.

Meeting for March 5th

This week, I was unable to book a room in time for our club to meet. However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t meet at all. Let’s meet at our standard time — 5pm — at the CSSU office (BA2283) and then move to the CS Undergraduate Lounge.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will take place in BA2139 on Thursday, February 26 between 5-7 PM.

Additionally, for those who have entered GMD but not submitted a game, do not fear!  You now have until March 6 to submit a game to a special entries category.  Ask Barry for more details at this week’s meeting.

Meeting This Week

There will be our last meeting before Reading Week on this Thursday, the 12th, at 5-7 PM as usual in BA2175.

The University will be closed on Reading Week, so we won’t meet then. The meeting after Reading Week will be on the 26th.

Next Meeting

Sorry for the late notice, but our next meeting will be happening this Thursday (February 5th) between 5-7 PM in BA3008.

Come armed with your thinking caps because we’ll be hammering out the last details of our game design and begin assigning roles.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be during the same time and day of the week (Thursday the 29th, 5-7PM), but we will be moving rooms yet again — I can’t seem to find one that’s open every week! Anyway, we’ll be meeting in BA2165.

Development Info.

Barry gave a tutorial this past Thursday on basic Sphere development, and he’s uploaded his code to our repository. Here are the instructions that I gave during the meeting in order to access and commit back into the repository:

Go to and register for an account. When you have done so, email me (jennifer dot ruttan at utoronto PERIOD ca) with your user name so that I can add you to the project.

Next, download TortoiseSVN from After installing, you will get some new options when you right-click in a folder or on your desktop.

Right-click on where you want your local working copy of the project to be placed and click SVN Checkout. Use the URL and click OK (none of the other options need to be changed).

After you have downloaded the repository, you can open the Sphere project and begin working. After you have completed your work, you can commit those changes back to the repository by right-clicking on the utgddc folder that you checked out and clicking SVN Checkin. Supply a comment that describes what kind of changes that you made and click OK. The first time you do this, you’ll have to give your Assembla username and password, so don’t forget to click the “remember” checkbox in order to not have to type it in every time.

If the check-in operation fails, then one or more of the files that you are trying to check in are in conflict with the version in the repository. So, right-click on the utgddc directory and select SVN Update.

Finally, you must always right-click on the utgddc folder and select SVN Update before you start working in order to reduce the number of conflicts.

If, however, a conflict occurs and an SVN Update does not fix it, then you will have to correct it manually: find the files that are in conflict, right-click on them, point to SVN, then select Conflict resolution. A tutorial on how to resolve a conflict will be given during our next club meeting.

Next Meeting & Sphere Development Information

Next week, we’ll be meeting in BA2175 on Thursday, between 5-7 PM.

As discussed in our meeting this week, we’ve decided to go with the Sphere RPG Development toolkit for our game.  Go to to download the Editor and the Engine. (Note: The Editor is only available for Windows.)

Barry will give a tutorial on Sphere next week, and I’ll provide details on how to get started and synchronize your work with our development server.

Meeting Today

I mentioned it during last week’s meeting, but we’ll be having a meeting today at 5-7PM in BA2135 — the same time and location as last week’s meeting.