GMD 2013

What is Game-Making Deathmatch (GMD)?

GMD is our annual videogame-making competition where participants work in partners or by themselves to create their own videogames based on a given theme. Participants of GMD will then have 1-2 months to finish their videogame creations, and once this time limit is up, the submitted entries will be evaluated by a special panel of judges in a variety of categories. The top games of their categories will win amazing prizes, but if there are an abundance of prizes, which there usually are, then all participants will win something!


The Theme for GMD

For each and every GMD, a unique theme is announced once the competition begins. Participants of GMD are encouraged to build their games based on this theme, but they can also choose to completely ignore the theme if they wish.
This year’s theme is: Oh Canada, eh?

How to Participate in GMD 2013

Registrations for GMD 2013 are open! The sign up form is right here, on the last page.
The maximum team size is two people, at least one of whom has to be a UofT student.
There is a registration fee of $10 per team – this goes to funding our fabulous prizes!

Check out some of the games made at last year’s GMD!