Looking for a Team


Coder/Artist (Novice)

Contact: spiraling.eden@gmail.com


I don’t have much experience coding or with design, but I’m eager to learn and I think it will be exciting to work with others to create stuff (ie. games!). 🙂

I still have a lot to learn and I’ll be taking web development and design courses in January, if those skills are of any use. If not, well, I can bring the cake? (and a positive outlook)

Hope to learn and and have fun with y’all!



Contact: lucas.knight@mail.utoronto.ca

Examples of my work:


I’ve been doing pixel game graphics casually for about 7 years.

Searching skilled programmers who are interested in creating an MMO.


Coder (Novice)

Contact: jason.cai@mail.utoronto.ca

looking for a team for future game competition and nice people to socialize with

Taki (Badrul) Chowdhury


Contact: badrul.chowdhury@mail.utoronto.ca

I am a newbie in game design/development. UtGDDC interests me because I want to learn more about the game development lifecycle. I have experience in Java/C++ and web development.

Jerry Wang

Coder (Novice)

Contact: icup342@hotmail.com

I’m not very familiar with programming other than using GML (Gamemaker language), but am willing to learn whatever.

Jessie Chen


Contact: digimonqq@hotmail.com

Hello~ My name is Jessie and I’m a full time student in commerce at U of T. During my spare time I enjoy drawing and writing stories. I specialize mostly in the fantasy and mystery genre.

You can see some of my older drawings at my DA Account.

Many of my recent works have not been uploaded on the website yet, but will be soon, after I finish my mid-terms.

I can do cute drawings as well as anime/manga styled drawings which I specialize in. Feel free to contact me if you want to work with my art on your game~ I’m ok with blood and gore, but not completely naked people…  >///<