The Hand Eye Society’s First Social of 2010

The Hand Eye Society will be having their first social event of 2010 on Thursday, February 11th.

If you haven’t heard of them before, The Hand Eye Society is an association of individuals from Toronto’s video game development community who share the common interest of connecting the community with itself and its audience. They are responsible for helping with a number of video game development projects in Toronto, including the annual TOJam events. With a membership base that recently reached 100 members, The Hand Eye Society includes some notable members such as Jonathan Mak, the developer of the popular indie title Everyday Shooter, and Nathan Vella, the president and co-founder of Capybara Games that developed the critically acclaimed video game Critter Crunch.

In fact, Nathan Vella will be hosting this social event, and according to the Hand Eye Society’s website, the event will also include several presentations of upcoming games that are being developed by some of Toronto’s indie game studios. All-in-all, it sounds like something that could be interesting to attend. So, if you want more information about the time and location for the social event, you can visit this post on the Hand Eye Society’s website. Luckily, The Hand Eye Society social will begin after our Game Club meeting on Thursday, so if you have the time and are interested, you can attend both.