Possible GMD 2010 Submission Deadline Extension APPROVED


Good news!  It appears that everyone essentially wanted an extension to the submission deadline for this year’s GMD competition.  So, we got it!  If I remember correctly from what was agreed during our most recent Game Club meeting, people now have a week’s extension on the submission deadline date.  However, games will be also be accepted anytime before the judges of the competition have completed judging the entries.  After this point, no more submissions will be accepted.

Official terms of this extension to the submission deadline should be posted at the GMD2K10 website at a later time.

Also, keep checking this website from time to time to find new updates to the GAME DEVELOPMENT TOOLS section that may help you out when you’re making your games.

Good luck, everyone!




We need your votes to determine if there should be a week’s extension for the GMD submission deadline.  Read the last paragraph in this post to find out more about how your GMD team can vote to have the extension or not.


Hey, everyone.

There is the possibility that the GMD submission deadline will be extended because the last couple of weeks may have still been a busy time for a number of students. You can read all of the current the details about this extension here:


We’ll continuously keep you updated on the status of this proposed extension and how you can vote for or against it when new information becomes available.

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