If you want to develop games, sign up for TO Jam now!

Just a reminder to everyone that the registration for this year’s TO Jam is currently open, so now is your chance to sign up for this FREE event before registration closes on Sunday, April 18.

In case you don’t already know, TO Jam is an event that takes place each year in Toronto where game developers from all disciplines (art, programming, design, music, etc.) come together over the course of 3 days to develop their own indie games. The games being developed are usually based on a given event theme, but you don’t have to follow this theme if you don’t want to. The main objective behind TO Jam is to get game developers from all levels of ability to kick-start the development of their own unique games for the sake of having fun and learning from others. TO Jam is not a competion, and teams helping each other out is encouraged. In fact, if you decide to sign up for TO Jam without a team, you can participate as a “floater”, who is someone that gets to work with all of the groups at the event to produce game content for whatever they may need help with. You may also be pleasantly surprised at who decides to participate in TO Jam, as this event has attracted big names in the indie video games industry on several occasions. This is a great event to attend for anyone who is interested in designing and creating video games.

If you’re interested in signing up for TO Jam, or just want some more information, have a look at the TO Jam website.