The Digital Interactive Gaming Conference (DIG) is being held on November 18 and 19

The Digital Interactive Gaming Conference (DIG) is a huge event that will be held in London, Ontario throughout November 18 and 19. It will feature a number of keynote speakers from leading North American video game developers as well as other industry professionals. With tons of learning and networking opportunities available, it certainly appears to be a great event for game developers of all areas of expertise to participate in.And if that wasn’t enough, DIG will also feature a Game Expo with a wide variety of games designed by local DIG companies that you can play until your heart’s content. Top that all off with the 2010 Vortex Game Competition, where notable video game industry judges rate competitors on their video game prototypes and designs, and you have a very full 2 days of game industry education and fun.

If you love video games and want to become more connected to the industry, then this conference seems to be developing into a very profitable experience for you. If you’d like to get more information on DIG LONDON 2010, check out their website to get the details.