Game-Making Deathmatch 2012 Results

Do YOU have what it takes to play these student-made games created during the 2012 GMD competition?
There’s only one way to find out- play the games for yourself!

This year, the theme was “Murder Mildly Foul!”

First Place:  The Lost Prince  Awarded Best Art, Awarded Best Sound
The adventure platformer where you kill or BE KILLED!
(XNA 4.0)

Second Place:  Zip  Awarded Most Original, Awarded Best Technical
The strange platformer where you play A COMPUTER ERROR.
(XNA 4.0)

Third Place:  Fowl Play  
The multiplayer team chicken WAR SIMULATOR! (Bring a friend!)
(XNA 4.0) 

Forth Place:  Planned Attack
The puzzle game where you have A PLANNED ATTACK!

Fifth Place:  Paul T. Giest Private Eye Awarded Best Theme
The mystery game where you never know WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!

Sixth Place:  Murderball 2013
The battle game where you have a ball THAT IS MURDEROUS! (Bring a friend!)
(XNA 4.0) 

Seventh Place:  Other Must Die
The zany battle game WITH GHOSTS AND CHALICES! (Bring a friend!)
(Game Maker) 

Eighth Place:  Hobo Defense
The co-op game where you DEFEND YOURSELF FROM HOBOS! (Bring a friend!)

Ninth Place:  The Way Home
The platforming game where YOU GO HOME!

Tenth Place:  A Fence Too High
The platforming puzzle game where YOU ARE A ROBOT!

11th: Fiery Revenge
12th: Murder Mildly Fowl
13th: Murder Mildly Foul
14th: Murder And Monster
15th: The Contest
16th: NKN
17th: Platformer