Submit Games for the UTGDDC Arcade Cabinet!

You there! Yes, I’m talking to YOU! You being the person READING THIS POST!
Do you make games? Have you already made games? Ever wanted to put them on an ARCADE CABINET!?

Well, in case you haven’t checked it out yet, the UTGDDC has an arcade cabinet in the CSSU and it showcases student games.
Send us YOUR game and we can add it to our cabinet! Either give us a copy at a meeting or email it to!
The game can be built with any engine or programming language, just make sure it runs on Windows.

Here are the controls to use for your game:

Player 1:
Joystick = Arrow Keys
Button 1 = Z
Button 2 = X
Button 3 = C

Player 2:
Joystick = RDFG
Button 1 = A
Button 2 = S
Button 3 = Q

Exit = I