Freeware Game of the Week: Karioshi 2

Karioshi 2 might be the most bizarre game I have ever played. It’s a bit dark, a pinch creepy, with a dab of frustrating, but it’s filled with amazing HOLY CHEESEBURGER moments that, sometimes literally, make you think out of the box. It’s an experimental game that deliberately contradicts a gaming convention: stay alive. In most games, everything in the world is trying to kill you, but in Karioshi 2, dying is not only difficult, but it’s your goal.

If this game intrigues you, definitely give it a try. It blew my mind at least twice. A word of warning though- you will be trolled a bit.

PS: Plus, it was made with Game Maker! Keep your eyes banana-peeled for a Game Maker tutorial in the near future! (Next week maybe?)

– Adam