Indie Game Developer Panel

This week is going to be a big and awesome meeting! (Thursday January 17th, from 5pm – 7pm) We will be having a panel of four amazing Indie Developers, Daniel Steger, Damian Sommer, Cale Bradbury, and Alexander Martin.

The panel will be talking about some of their experiences, what they have been through and some of the do’s and don’ts of the industry, as well as talking about some of the current projects they are working on. They are also here to answer any and all questions you may have for them. The meeting place will be a bit different then usual and will take place in MC 252. (Mechanical Engineering Building, 5 King’s College Road).

Daniel Steger is a past member of UTGDDC and creator of Baby Maker Extreme. You can find this game and other awesome ones on his website:

Damian Sommer, who has created many games like A Friendship in 4 Colours, A Game About Game Literacy, and The Clown Who Wanted Everything. You can check out some of his stuff at his website:

Cale Bradbury is known for Snakes on a Cartesian Plane which has gotten over a million downloads. This game can be found as well as many of his other stuff on his website:

Alexander Martin has released a set of games recently at which includes his IGF finalist Starseed Pilgrim.

Damian Sommer, Cale Bradbury, and Alex Martin also have a podcast with Chris de Carteret called Secret Twins Club. (

This meeting is going to be awesome, and extremely fun to attend so remember to invite your friends!
All are welcome to come!

Hope to see you all come out!!