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Game testers wanted for a major game development studio

On Thursday, September 23, Steve Engels gave a special presentation to the game club and mentioned that his contacts at Koei are looking for people to playtest their upcoming video game titles.  Koei is a Japan-based game developer who has produced a variety of video games for consoles and PC.

If you are interested in playtesting some of their future video game titles before they are released, then please send an email to Steve Engels (whose contact info can be found here) and state your interest in participating. He will then set it up so that Koei will get in touch with you afterward with the details.

Help develop an indie game this summer

Just because the Game Club is done for this school year doesn’t mean that you have to stop making games! Fellow Game Club member Leiz, who is one half of the team that won this year’s Game-Making Deathmatch, is looking to form a group of individuals who would be interested in developing an indie game over this summer on a part-time basis. The game’s development will be done as a team effort of people with different skills such as artists, coders, musicians, and others. The team may meet up about once a month to discuss the game’s development and also to hang out. It’s most likely that the indie game to be developed will be a Flash Facebook game, since these technologies are relatively easy to learn and easy to deploy games with. If any of this sounds like something that you’d like to participate in for this summer, then join the “utgddc summer 2010 indy game” Facebook group at:

More information about the development of this game will be available for members of this Facebook group.

Testers needed for a card game

A couple of days ago somebody came by the CSSU and told Jen that he was looking for people to test his card game.   So, Jen asked me to pass this message along to all of you.  If you are interested in testing this person’s card game, you can contact him directly at: