First Meeting!

Hi Everyone!

After a long and complicated adventure, involving misdirection, intruige and doubt, I’ve managed to book a room for our first meeting! 😀

Here’s all the info that you need:


Monday Sept 17th, 2:00pm – 4:00pm


SF 3201


Sanford Fleming Building Room 3201 – I tried to book a room in the Bahen Center since they’re much nicer, but because it was such sort notice, I was unable to. This will not be our permanent meeting place or time, we will discuss where / when people would rather meet in the first meeting.

I will be sending an email sometime tonight to all of the people who asked for it (I forgot the email list at home :P)

I Hope everyone had a great first week, see you at the meeting!

– Mark Cautillo
President: utGDDC

PS. It looks like we’ll be having our first guest speaker on Thursday September 20th from 3-4, but I just have to double check that it’s a good time for her to come.