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Our Next Club Meeting will be on Thursday, November 5 from 5-7 p.m. in BA3008

Hey Everyone.

The game club will be meeting this week on Thursday, November 5 from 5-7p.m. in BA3008.  Same time, but in a different room than last week’s meeting.  Sorry for the short notice.

This time around we’ll be teaching all of you about programming in Python and subsequently using PyGame as a way to make quick prototypes of your own video games. Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, and it serves as a good starting point for learning other programming languages more easily, too. Additionally, we’ll also be discussing a number of other tools that that you can use to develop video games with. So even if you’ve never programmed before, don’t worry because we will do our best to ensure that everyone has a good understanding of how to make their own video games.

And lastly, I would just like to thank fellow game club member Bilal for providing me with lots of resources and explanation about Python, PyGame, and how to teach each of these to others. I must say that he’s certainly helped me appreciate just how good of a programming language Python with PyGame is for making quick prototypes for video games.

Okay then, see you all at the meeting!

IGDA Special Event on Thursday, October 8th – Running an Ontario game studio: From start-up to stability

Hey Everyone.

The Toronto chapter of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) is having a special moderated discussion on a topic entitled “Running an Ontario game studio: From start-up to stability.” The discussion will happen this week on Thursday, October 8 starting at 7:30 p.m. in room 310 at Metro Hall.

A number of high-profile CEOs and CTOs from some of Toronto’s and Ontario’s biggest game studios will be speaking at this event, and it sounds like a great opportunity to learn more about running a game studio from real-world experts. To get more information about the speakers and location of this event, you can go to:

Hopefully, we’ll see many of you there.

The time and location for this week’s club meeting are currently up-in-the-air, but we’ll be announcing these details as soon as they are available.

Club Meeting – October 1st & Vortex Competition

The UTGDDC will meet again this coming Thursday, October 1st, from 5-7 PM in BA2195.

Additionally, there is open registration for the Vortex Game Competition, which is an excellent way to get your game development ideas out to a highly skilled group of industry leaders. The Vortex competition consists of the Vortex Boot Camp, a two-day event that teaches you how to put together a video game proposal, and the actual competition, where you pitch these ideas as either a concept or a prototype. Registration for students is 50% off. For more information, see the Vortex Competition website at

Our Next Meeting is this upcoming Thursday from 5-7p.m. in BA2195

Hi everybody!

The U of T Game Design and Development Club will be having its next meeting this upcoming Thursday, September 24, from 5p.m. – 7p.m. in BA2195.

Just in case you haven’t been there before, BA2195 is located at the Bahen Centre for Information Technology (BA) at 40 St. George St. (near the intersection of Collge St. and St. Georege St.).


Room 2195 is on the second floor.

We had a good group of people come out to last week’s meeting and we discussed a variety of video game topics that ranged from game design to the business of video game development. Hopefully, we’ll see everyone who came out last week at this week’s meeting, too.

If you didn’t get a chance to come out last week, don’t worry, you can still come out to this week’s meeting. The good news is that our club is very casual, and we understand that our members can’t always be there every week. You should also know that if you can’t stay for the entire amount of time that our club meets for, that’s okay, too. Some of our members have classes that don’t end until 6p.m., so they show up at 6p.m. instead of the usual 5p.m. meeting time. If you’re new to the club, then just come by and we’ll make some introductions for you.

Alright, we’ll see you all on Thursday.

Search facebook for The U of T Game Design and Development Club facebook group and become a member to receive facebook updates about our upcoming activities and meetings, too.

TOJam 4!

Coming to Toronto between May 1st and 3rd is a competition that is far more hardcore than our own Game Making Deathmatch: it’s TOJam!
The rules: you have 3 days to make a game on the given theme. Go!

Actually, there’s more to it than that… the TOJam site is filled with all of the information that you need to know in order to compete.

Registration is open now and is already half full! If you’re planning on participating put in your registration as soon as you can!

Last Meeting of the Year – April 9th & Elections

Our last meeting of the year will take place in BA2195 on Thursday April 9th between 5-7 PM.

Because it’s the last meeting of the year, we will be holding club elections for the coming year. We don’t hold meetings during the summer, so the elected group will administer the club from September 2009 onwards.

The 5 positions that are available are:
President (Incumbent: Jennifer)
Vice-president (Incumbent: Katie)
General administrator (Incumbent: Liesl)
GMD administrator (Incumbent: Barry)
Website administrator (Incumbent: Shane)

In order to be eligible to be elected, you must be a member of the club (attended a meeting) and nominated by another member of the club (you may not nominate yourself). If you are nominated, you can turn down the nomination if you do not wish to run.

Nominated individuals to this point:
President: Jennifer
GMD Administrator: Shane
Vice President: Liesl

The other two positions, Website administrator and General administrator, have not had any individuals nominated as of yet. If you wish to nominate a club member for any position, please send me an email at

Meeting Today

Our next meeting occurs today, Thursday April 2, between 5-7 PM in BA2195.

This will be the second last meeting of the year!

However, unfortunately, Joey DeVilla has had to cancel his presentation to the club.

Next Meeting – 3/26

Our next meeting will take place tomorrow, Thursday March 26th, between 5-7 PM in BA2195.

As a special treat, Daniel Steger will be playtesting his new game! Come on out and help a former club member (and club executive council member) out.