Meeting minutes (Sept 17, 2007)

Here are the meeting minutes for the first meeting of this year (taken by Barry):

  1. Introduction about the club and executive members.
  2. Survey of the attendees and their program of study:
    • Computer Science: 10
    • Engineering: 1
    • Life Sciences: 2
    • Math: 3
    • Humanities: 1
  3. Experience of attendees with game design and/or development:
    • None: 1
    • Involved in one game: 5
    • Involved in two or more games: 4
    • Participated in competitions: 5
    • Professional: 0
  4. Played the name game! Everyone makes a circle and try to figure out everyone’s name
  5. Everyone writes down three things they would like covered in the club and three things they want to get out of the club. (If you weren’t able to attend this meeting but would like to suggest something, email us at
  6. A little intro to Game Making Deathmatch and showed some game reels (up on the site under GMD section). Rules for this year will be much different than previous years…
  7. Upcoming events (see next post(s))