Game Making Secret Santa

First of all, big thanks to Katie for coming with this super creative idea to do for Christmas! 😀

We’ll be having a Secret Santa except without gifts. Instead each person (the giver) will be given a random person (the receiver) to create a very simple and small game about the receiver based on three things the receiver lists about him/herself. The giver will then create a small and simple game for the receiver based on the three descriptions The game should only take a day or two to make, unless of course the giver wants to spend more time on it to give it some polish and shine. On Christmas day the giver, (or the club, we haven’t decided yet) will send out the gifts via email or post it on the website for the receivers to get their gifts!

For those who want to participate, we’ll be collecting names today at the club meeting. If you can’t make it but still want to participate, email us at to let us know with the following info:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Three things that best describe yourself or your interests

We’ll wait until next week Monday to send everyone an email about who they will be giving to along with the list of three descriptions. Everyone has until a few days before Christmas Eve to make a game about the person they’ll be giving to. If you have any questions, please ask or email us. See you soon!