First meeting of 2008!

Happy 2008 everyone!

I hope school isn’t too much work yet. (*shakes fist at operating systems*)

I’ve booked a room for our first meeting.

The meeting will be on:

Wednesday January 23, 2008 11am – 1pm

The room will be:


I don’t think people are very happy with this meeting time, so we’ll likely be changing it, but we can debate the time forever, so for the first meeting, we’re having it on Wednesday, and we can discuss any problems then. (For people who can only come to half the meeting, please do come by and let me know what times work better for you so we can work something out for next week).

We’ll be showcasing everyone’s work during the game making secret santa, so it should be a pretty fun meeting. Everyone who wants to show their secret santa games but hasn’t sent them to either me or Thuan please do so, you can send an email to info -at- or president -at-

See everyone there!

– Mark Cautillo

President: utGDDC