Last Meeting of the Year – April 9th & Elections

Our last meeting of the year will take place in BA2195 on Thursday April 9th between 5-7 PM.

Because it’s the last meeting of the year, we will be holding club elections for the coming year. We don’t hold meetings during the summer, so the elected group will administer the club from September 2009 onwards.

The 5 positions that are available are:
President (Incumbent: Jennifer)
Vice-president (Incumbent: Katie)
General administrator (Incumbent: Liesl)
GMD administrator (Incumbent: Barry)
Website administrator (Incumbent: Shane)

In order to be eligible to be elected, you must be a member of the club (attended a meeting) and nominated by another member of the club (you may not nominate yourself). If you are nominated, you can turn down the nomination if you do not wish to run.

Nominated individuals to this point:
President: Jennifer
GMD Administrator: Shane
Vice President: Liesl

The other two positions, Website administrator and General administrator, have not had any individuals nominated as of yet. If you wish to nominate a club member for any position, please send me an email at