Welcome Back! Our Next Club Meeting will be on Thursday, November 19 from 5-7 p.m. in BA3008

Hey, Everyone.

Just a reminder to all of you that the game club is back this week, and we will be meeting on Thursday, November 19 from 5–7p.m. in BA3008. See you there.

Also, it should be mentioned that the video game event Gamercamp.ca is happening this Saturday, November 21.  There is a cost for admission, but it appears that this cost includes food that will be served at the event.  Additionally, club member of UTGDDC past, Daniel Steger, is scheduled to be demoing his prototype of Battle Beat at this event.  Gamercamp.ca looks really cool and may be something that some of you will want to check out this weekend.  And as if Gamercamp.ca were not enough, the CSSU will also be having Game Night this upcoming Friday.  Enjoy!