Our Next Game Club Meeting will be on Thursday, November 26 from 5-7p.m. in BA3008

Hey, Everyone.

Last week we had an interesting discussion about how video game content ratings are assigned in North America and throughout the rest of the world.  We learned that if you ever make a game that you’re anticipating to sell, it’s always good idea to consider how your game may be rated, especially if you want audiences like teens to able to legally purchase your game.  Also, we had an impressive presentation by fellow game club member Mark, who showed us how to mock up a quick Defender-like game without any programming knowledge by using a computer program called Multimedia Fusion 2.  You can download a copy of the game that was created during Mark’s presentation at:


You may have noticed that a new section has been added to the website reintroducing all of you to some of the Game Development Tools that we talked about during some of our previous game club meetings.  If this section looks a bit wordy right now, do not fear.  There are plans to expand it  and give it some much needed visual enhancements in the near future.

Our next game club meeting for this week is on Thursday, November 26 from 5-7p.m. in BA3008. Exactly the same room and time as last week’s meeting. See you there.