Vortex Game Conference and Competition submissions due by Jan 3

Now in its 6th year, the Vortex Game Conference and Competition is a huge event where emerging video game developers and entrepreneurs can network with industry pros to get the tools and contacts they need to succeed in the video game industry. Arguably, the main features of Vortex are its Boot Camp sessions and its video game concept and prototype competition.

The Boot Camp sessions offer individuals the opportunity to receive coaching and guidance from prominent and experienced video game industry leaders who will help advise attendees on turning their video game concepts and prototypes into commercial successes. The competition portion of Vortex allows aspiring game developers to submit their game’s concept or prototype to be judged by a panel of top-level industry professionals who will also provide direct guidance and coaching.

New dates for Vortex 2011 have just gone up on their website, and they are as follows:

Jan 19, 2011- Boot Camp – The Glass Factory
Feb 2, 2011- Round 1 Competition – Bell Lightbox – Toronto
Feb 24, 2011- Round 2 Competition – The Glass Factory
March 30, 2011- Finals – Bell Lightbox – Toronto

Considering the fact that many of you are making games for GMD 2011, this might be the ideal event where you can submit your prototype game for a chance to get professional feedback on it and have it developed to be sold commercially. With all of the big-named speakers and guests who are scheduled to be in attendance, including major executives from Disney Interactive and BioWare, Vortex is something to seriously consider.

The last day to enter a game concept or prototype submission for the Vortex competition is January 3. Visit the Vortex website to learn more about the speakers, workshops, and competition featured at this event. If you are signing up to attend and/or compete, consider using the early bird promo code that is mentioned here on the Vortex website.