Happy Holidays. No game club meeting this week.

Hi everyone,

Classes have finished for this semester, so there will be no game club meeting this week (and for the rest of this year). We’ll get back into our regularly scheduled meetings next year at the start of the winter semester. Until then, good luck with your GMD games (post to the forums at forum.utgddc.com if you need help), good luck with exams, and we’ll see you all in the new year!

Also, I just wanted to remind anyone who hasn’t signed up yet for GMD 2011 that you can still do so until Thursday, December 16. The registration form can be found at http://gmd.utgddc.com/2011/files/GMD2k11rules1.pdf, and you can get in touch with Shane, the GMD Coordinator, at gmd@utgddc.com to arrange a time to meet up with him so that you or your team can pay the $10 registration fee.

Happy holidays.