Freeware Game of the Week: Slender

This marks the beginning of our “Freeware Game of the Week” series. We’ll be featuring a free indie game each week throughout the year. This time, we’ll be starting off with a spooky game; so I don’t recommend trying this unless you like a good scare.

Slender has simple gameplay, but great atmosphere. You simply collect eight pages from different landmarks- but something is following you in the woods.

Also, Slender was created with Unity, which we will be covering in a future tutorial. This is a nice example of a game you could make with Unity.

I had a lot of fun with it, I screamed a few times. I find games like these are best when you try to immerse yourself in game- I always watched my back like I would in real life. If you go into this with a skeptical, pfft this ain’t gonna scare me attitude, you probably won’t have as much fun. So, turn off the lights, up the music, and enjoy!

PS: There are more download links here– the link was down at the official website last time I checked.
PSS: If you are looking for more scares, please try Amnesia, it’s also a favorite of mine.