Help us make a Club-Wide Game!


Tyler and Dave, your director and producer here. In case you missed the 1st meeting, but are interested in working on the Club Game, here is a summary of what we talked about.

First, what we are making: a 3/4 view, 2D action/adventure/rpg reminiscent of old Zelda’s (something along the lines of Zelda/Skyrim/Bastion/Fable) We are making the game in XNA. Even if you don’t know XNA, don’t be discouraged, you will have opportunities to learn. There are a variety of different opportunities to participate, but most obvious; programming, art, design, story, audio.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, and you have a little extra time to work on this, please go here to fill out the survey.

Also, Dave and I have a joint email address: if you are interested in the story, no matter how you will be primarily participating, please send us an email describing what you like and want to see in the game, also, things you dislike about action/adventure/RPGs.

Lastly, Tyler will be a walking encyclopaedia about the game project. He is always more than willing to talk to you about what we are doing, he wants your opinions and suggestion. Feel free to contact him:

facebook: Tyler Budolowski (because I prefer fb messages over email)
email: (if email works better for you, that’s cool)
skype: budolowski