There are two new threads in the Forums that are ready for discussion

Just a reminder to all of you that the there are two new topics in the General forum that I’d like to get input on from Game Club members and alumni.

First, there are some plans in the works for a club get-together at some point during this summer. The purpose of this event will be to hang out, give an opportunity for new members to meet alumni of the club, and for everyone to basically get re-acquainted again. Some UTGDDC alumni have already began discussing plans for this event in the “It’s been a long time” topic, so get on there and let people know whether you’d be interested in meeting up and when you’d like to do this.

Second, I thought I might expand the About Us section of the website since the Game Club has lately began to garner more attention from the Toronto video game development scene and the U of T Computer Science Department. Unfortunately, I was not actually a game club member until several years ago, so if any of you know some details about how the club was founded and how it was run in the past, please post these up to the “Please help me form the history of the UTGDDC” topic in the General forum. Periodically, I’ll be posting what I’ve written so far, and it would be great to get feedback on it to ensure that my information is accurate and appropriate for the website’s new About Us section.

And lastly, if you’ve previously tried to sign up for an account on the UTGDDC Forums, but were unsuccessful, that’s because the Forums were not actually working properly at that time. Fortunately, UTGDDC alumni Thuan has recently fixed this problem. So, you’ll now find that when you register for a new Forums account, everything will be working fine, and you’ll be able to receive your account and start posting to the Forums right away. Thanks for the help, Thuan.