Congratulations to Game Club alumni Daniel Steger for the release of Baby Maker Extreme

Congratulations go out to fellow Game Club alumni Daniel Steger, at, who has recently released his newest game, Baby Maker Extreme, onto the Indie Games section of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. I heard about this game when I met with Daniel at The Hand Eye Society’s social event last Thursday, and after gettting more information about this game online, I knew that I just had to post this article up and tell everyone about it.

If you haven’t played Baby Maker Extreme yet, then you owe it to yourself to at least download the free demo, if you have yourself an Xbox, or watch the gameplay videos on IGN. I can certainly say that is a type of game you don’t get to see everyday, and all I know is that Baby Maker Extreme made me laugh.

Baby Maker Extreme - Trial Run Video
"Trial Run" video
Baby Maker Extreme - The Long Haul Video
"The Long Haul" video

It’s only 80 Microsoft Points (eqivalent to approximately $1) to buy the full version of the game, and that’s probably part of the reason why Baby Maker Extreme is currently the #1 best selling indie game on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace as of the time of this writing.

I guess it must be obvious that Mr. Steger knows a thing or two about making babies. Well done, Mr. Steger. Well done, indeed.

NOTE: If you are a UTGDDC member or alumni and you have a game that you’d like to let me know about, then please send me an email at and I’ll see if I can put up a feature for your game onto the Game Club’s website.