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TO Jam Sixy Times utGDDC games released!

Here they are! The games made by teams UTGDDC, UTGDDC2, and Shawarmas and Milkshakes from this year’s sixth annual TO Jam, which took place over a weekend in the middle of May 2011. Both of these games were made in Flash over the course of 48 hours during the event by utGDDC members! Enjoy!

Click here to download team UTGDDC’s game – Darkness After Dawn

Click here to download team UTGDDC2’s game – Friday Fatale
[updated on May 24, 2011]

To save either of the games featured above to your Desktop, right click on your desired game’s link and select “Save Link As …” After it has completed downloading, you can open this file to enjoy the game you downloaded.

Click here to play the game made by team Shawarmas and Milkshakes – Bubble Invaders
[updated on August 8, 2011]

Enter the grid with 2Bit on your iPhone by utGDDC alumni Ante Bralic and Industrial Brothers

utGDDC alumni, Ante Bralic , along with game developer, Industrial Brothers, have recently released their newest game for the iPhone called 2Bit. With its cool Tron-esque look and addicting gameplay, 2Bit has been getting some great attention lately with a notable review from 2Bit is a challenging, retro-inspired puzzle game that tests your mind and co-ordination. With its unique visual style, retro soundtrack, and well refined gameplay, 2Bit is simple to play, but difficult to master. It is also just 99¢ to download from the iPhone AppStore at the time of this writing.

Before 2Bit, Ante and Industrial Brothers also developed another successful iPhone App called Beast Farmer 2: Beasts Unleased. Expanding on its million-times-downloaded predecessor, Beast Farmer, this sequel expands on the features of the first game and now includes single-player and mutliplayer beast combat. Once again, another great iPhone game for 99¢ developed in part by a utGDDC alumni.

To get more information about Toronto-based iPhone game developer, Industrial Brothers, you can visit their website at

Baby Maker Extreme 2 has been conceived and delivered by utGDDC alumni Daniel Steger

Over a month ago, utGDDC alumni, Daniel Steger, had his second baby … Baby Maker Extreme 2, that is! As a sequel to the original Baby Maker Extreme, which is the best selling Xbox Marketplace Indie Game of 2010 (yes, you read that correctly) and the second best selling Xbox Marketplace Indie Game of ALL-TIME (congratulations Mr. Steger!), Baby Maker Extreme 2 continues the fun of its predecessor with more levels, super powered babies, and unlockable outfits.

As of the time of this writing, Baby Maker Extreme 2 is available right from the front page of the Xbox Marketplace Indie Games website, a very coveted spot. You can download the trial version of the game for FREE or purchase Baby Maker Extreme 2 full-out for only 80 Microsoft Points (about $1). Additionally, don’t forget to check to check out Mr. Steger’s other released Xbox Marketplace Indie Game title, This is Hard, which came out several months after the original Baby Maker Extreme.

For more information on all of Daniel Steger’s games, visit

Belated congratulations to utGDDC alumni Mark and Ante for the release of “Dex Hamilton’s Bug Quest”

This is a post that should have been put up a long time ago, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened until now.

A BIG, belated congratulations goes out to Mark, former utGDDC president from several years ago, and Ante, utGDDC alumni, who helped release the Flash game, Dex Hamilton’s Bug Quest, with the company that developed this game, March Entertainment. Dex Hamilton’s Bug Quest was released in November 2010, and Mark and Ante were responsible for the bulk of the video game’s programming. It’s a really neat Flash game with high production values that you should check out. You can see the utGDDC forum posting about this game at

Congratualtions to Barry for the release of “Rework the Dead: Evil”

Congratulations go out to fellow utGDDC member, Barry, who just finished “Rework the Dead: Evil”, an independent video game that he has been recently working on. The game is absolutely free to download and play, and you can get more information about it on the forums at

Oh, and by the way, this is NOT Barry’s first rodeo. He’s also made a large number of other creative and unique video games, which you can download and play for free by checking out

Congratulations to Game Club alumni Daniel Steger for the release of Baby Maker Extreme

Congratulations go out to fellow Game Club alumni Daniel Steger, at, who has recently released his newest game, Baby Maker Extreme, onto the Indie Games section of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. I heard about this game when I met with Daniel at The Hand Eye Society’s social event last Thursday, and after gettting more information about this game online, I knew that I just had to post this article up and tell everyone about it.

If you haven’t played Baby Maker Extreme yet, then you owe it to yourself to at least download the free demo, if you have yourself an Xbox, or watch the gameplay videos on IGN. I can certainly say that is a type of game you don’t get to see everyday, and all I know is that Baby Maker Extreme made me laugh.

Baby Maker Extreme - Trial Run Video
"Trial Run" video
Baby Maker Extreme - The Long Haul Video
"The Long Haul" video

It’s only 80 Microsoft Points (eqivalent to approximately $1) to buy the full version of the game, and that’s probably part of the reason why Baby Maker Extreme is currently the #1 best selling indie game on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace as of the time of this writing.

I guess it must be obvious that Mr. Steger knows a thing or two about making babies. Well done, Mr. Steger. Well done, indeed.

NOTE: If you are a UTGDDC member or alumni and you have a game that you’d like to let me know about, then please send me an email at and I’ll see if I can put up a feature for your game onto the Game Club’s website.