Baby Maker Extreme 2 has been conceived and delivered by utGDDC alumni Daniel Steger

Over a month ago, utGDDC alumni, Daniel Steger, had his second baby … Baby Maker Extreme 2, that is! As a sequel to the original Baby Maker Extreme, which is the best selling Xbox Marketplace Indie Game of 2010 (yes, you read that correctly) and the second best selling Xbox Marketplace Indie Game of ALL-TIME (congratulations Mr. Steger!), Baby Maker Extreme 2 continues the fun of its predecessor with more levels, super powered babies, and unlockable outfits.

As of the time of this writing, Baby Maker Extreme 2 is available right from the front page of the Xbox Marketplace Indie Games website, a very coveted spot. You can download the trial version of the game for FREE or purchase Baby Maker Extreme 2 full-out for only 80 Microsoft Points (about $1). Additionally, don’t forget to check to check out Mr. Steger’s other released Xbox Marketplace Indie Game title, This is Hard, which came out several months after the original Baby Maker Extreme.

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