Enter the grid with 2Bit on your iPhone by utGDDC alumni Ante Bralic and Industrial Brothers

utGDDC alumni, Ante Bralic , along with game developer, Industrial Brothers, have recently released their newest game for the iPhone called 2Bit. With its cool Tron-esque look and addicting gameplay, 2Bit has been getting some great attention lately with a notable review from GamePro.com. 2Bit is a challenging, retro-inspired puzzle game that tests your mind and co-ordination. With its unique visual style, retro soundtrack, and well refined gameplay, 2Bit is simple to play, but difficult to master. It is also just 99¢ to download from the iPhone AppStore at the time of this writing.

Before 2Bit, Ante and Industrial Brothers also developed another successful iPhone App called Beast Farmer 2: Beasts Unleased. Expanding on its million-times-downloaded predecessor, Beast Farmer, this sequel expands on the features of the first game and now includes single-player and mutliplayer beast combat. Once again, another great iPhone game for 99¢ developed in part by a utGDDC alumni.

To get more information about Toronto-based iPhone game developer, Industrial Brothers, you can visit their website at www.industrialbrothers.com.